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Heavenly light filled clouds meeting dark evil clouds growing from beneath.

A revolutionary is born

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A tribute to one of the defining art projects of the digital era.
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Long ago, in a time of tyranny and oppression, the unwavering spirit of a few mortal souls slowly grew into an unstoppable force. The all-consuming, repressive empire that controlled the wealth of the world gave birth to something even more powerful; a revolution. The common folk began believing in a simple idea; that a man could decide his own fate. A man could be his own ruler. To live life free of subjugation and restraint.

This is the story of The Revolutionaries.

As the whispers of a revolution grew, so did the strength of its military forces. Men and women travelled far and wide to join the cause. Leaders of the great clans banded their people together. Many of these people came from nothing, tattered rags giving way to weathered steel and sharpened swords. A significantly lesser number came from privilege, covered in the gold of past kings. Some even came bearing the blessings of the gods themselves! Now an army 10,000 strong, their differences forgotten, all that would matter now is their belief. Their shared purpose. They would not be denied. Consumed by one thought, one purpose, one goal. The revolution was something they were all willing to fight for.

The revolution has already begun, the question is, will you join us?

The Revolutionaries Punks of a bygone age

The Revolutionaries is an unofficial CryptoPunk Expansion Pack. We are in no way affiliated with Larva Labs. This project was simply inspired by the crypto community, and is a homage to the revolutionary punks who built it.

This collection is made up of 10,000 unique procedurally generated characters, known as The Revolutionaries, however they intentionally retain likeness to the original CryptoPunks. Many of the initial colours, characters, and defining attributes remain in the hope that Punks can find a Revolutionary that looks and feels like an extension (or an ancestor) of their Punk.

You might be looking for ‘the next Punks’ — these are not them — but if the old legends are true, they might just be the past ones.


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